Tax Evasion

Experienced Defense When You Face State and Federal Charges of Tax Evasion in Florida

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Examples Of  Tax Evasion

Although tax avoidance is the practice of using all legal means available to reduce the amounts of taxes owed, tax evasion is a crime involving use of illegal means to avoid paying taxes. Examples of tax evasion include the following:

  • Willfully failing to file required tax returns and other documents
  • Falsely reporting income or expenses with the intent to reduce income tax liability
  • Claiming nonexistent dependents or dependents of another taxpayer on tax documents
  • Failing to report sales in an effort to avoid paying sales tax
  • Failing to report participation in real estate investments with the intent of avoiding paying property taxes

Any individual or business that evades taxes can face charges for the crime of tax evasion in Jacksonville or any jurisdiction where taxes are due.

Tax laws are complex

Unfortunately, tax laws are exceedingly complex, often open to interpretation and subject to change. In fact, the online Tax Code, Regulations and Official Guidance provided by the IRS instructs readers to refer to Congressional  U.S. code classification tables to identify changes to the law before relying on the information on the site. It can be difficult to distinguish between a legal and an illegal act with regard to the tax codes. Even taxpayers with strong commitment to pay every tax dollar they owe can make honest mistakes when interpreting the tax code. Honest taxpayers may turn out paying extra taxes, hefty fines and penalties, frequently after dealing with frightening court cases.

Whether you face federal, state, county or local charges of tax evasion in Florida, it is critical to retain white-collar criminal defense lawyers located here in Jacksonville who have extensive experience unraveling the complex tax laws and fighting to protect clients’ rights. Your lawyer must be able to provide solid evidence that you had honorable intentions when applying laws clearly open to interpretation. With an experienced lawyer, you may still be responsible for paying back taxes. But then our skilled support can save you interest and penalties and help you avoid a serious prison sentence.

Seek skilled legal representation immediately

Jacksonville white-collar crime prosecutions are becoming more frequent in these troubled times. If you face investigation or charges for tax evasion as an individual taxpayer or as a business owner, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to represent you and protect your rights — immediately. At Fallgatter Catlin & Varon, P.A., our experience in federal prosecution provides us with an extra edge when representing clients charged with federal or state crimes. Our skilled attorneys in Jacksonville understand the intricate investigation strategies used by federal agencies to indict and attempt to convict those accused of white-collar crime.

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