Money Laundering

Skilled Defense Against Money Laundering Charges in Florida

Jacksonville criminal defense for alleged violation of white-collar crime law

Channeling cash obtained from criminal activities, such as drug trafficking through a business to make it appear legal is known as money laundering. Federal and state investigators may suspect money laundering when companies regularly conduct large transactions (generally over $500) in cash rather than by check or other payment methods that create a paper trail.

In many cases, businesses conduct valid and legal transactions that nonetheless appear to be money laundering in FL. If your business is suspected of money laundering, retaining the criminal law firm of Fallgatter Catlin & Varon, P.A. in Jacksonville during the investigation phase is the best step you can take to avoid or address a complex legal situation that can result in severe penalties, such as those imposed by the federal Money Laundering Control Act of 1986.

Forms of money laundering

In Jacksonville and around the United States, money laundering is covered by white-collar crime law statues. Money laundering typically takes the following forms:

  • Cashing up: The first step in this process is to set up a business — such as a convenience store — that takes large amounts of payments in cash. Adding a consistent amount of illegal funds to the normal daily bank deposit effectively launders the money. Cashing up only draws suspicion when the deposits increase dramatically on an occasional basis.
  • Captive business: Businesses that offer services for cash, such as beauty salons, pay taxes on all income but may falsify receipts to include illegally obtained funds. By maintaining consistent income and selling services rather than products that must be accounted for, these arrangements often allow illegal business dealings to go undetected.

False money laundering charges are common

Even a law-abiding business occasionally may experience a sudden influx of income for legitimate reasons. Bank employees are watchful for sudden increases in business income, and the law requires them to report anything that appears suspicious. Because legitimate Jacksonville business owners have no reason to try to hide income, they can find themselves under investigation for violation of white-collar crime laws when they have done nothing wrong. In this situation, it is important to obtain the support of a white-collar criminal defense attorney in Jacksonville. An attorney with experience defending against money laundering charges knows how to protect your rights from the initial investigation and throughout the process.

Seek early representation from an experienced Jacksonville criminal defense attorney

If you face investigation or charges for money laundering, seek an experienced criminal defense lawyer to represent you and protect your rights — immediately. Recognized for the highest levels of skill and integrity among criminal law firms, Fallgatter Catlin & Varon, P.A. in Jacksonville has extensive experience in federal and state criminal cases, along with years of federal prosecuting experience. We understand the intricate investigation strategies used by federal agencies to indict and attempt to convict those accused of white-collar crime.

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