Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud Defense Attorneys in Jacksonville

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Under Florida and federal laws, acting with the intent to injure, defraud or deceive an insurer constitutes insurance fraud.

According to the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University Law School, insurance fraud falls into two major categories:

  • Soft fraud involves falsifying information on a claim or an application for insurance.
  • Hard fraud is less common, and it involves deliberately destroying property to collect on an insurance policy.

Skilled defense for insurance fraud charges

Your white-collar crime lawyer at Fallgatter Catlin & Varon, P.A. in Jacksonville is experienced in defending individuals charged with the following types of insurance fraud:

  • Making false, incomplete or misleading oral or written statements to support an insurance claim
  • Benefiting from false insurance claims, such as a physician conspiring with a patient to falsify an insurance claim
  • Operating or employed by a hospital and knowingly allowing the use of the hospital for a fraudulent insurance scheme
  • Purposely creating a motor vehicle accident to collect a personal injury settlement
  • Insurance company representatives changing or directing a physician to change a medical opinion, with the exception of correcting certain reporting errors

Jacksonville white-collar crime prosecutions are becoming more frequent in the current economic environment. Also, insurance fraud is a complicated white-collar crime often challenging to defend. The prosecution has powerful insurance company resources that assist in proving guilt. Defendants must have an attorney with specialized skills in insurance fraud to protect their rights and obtain the most successful outcome possible. At Fallgatter Catlin & Varon, P.A., our insurance fraud attorneys bring extensive skills and experience to defend these cases in Florida.

Types of insurance fraud

Fraud may be involved in any type of can be involved is possible in many types of insurance application or claim, including the following:

  • Life insurance, including cases in which a claimant alters evidence to hide a cause of death related to suicide
  • Healthcare insurance, including falsifying claims or concealing health information when applying for a policy
  • Car insurance, including falsifying details of an accident or purposely causing an accident to collect a settlement
  • Property insurance, including purposely destroying property to file a claim for loss

White-collar crime lawyers in Jacksonville protecting your rights when you are accused of insurance fraud

The most important thing for you to know is that you need to protect your rights even before the prosecution levies charges against you. A common practice is to pursue an investigation prior to filing criminal charges. If anyone contacts you to request an informal interview about your claim, you must seek advice from an experienced white-collar crime attorney in Jacksonville before you talk to anyone.

If you face investigation or charges for allegedly committing insurance fraud, you need to retain an experienced Jacksonville white-collar criminal attorney to represent you and protect your rights — immediately. Fallgatter Catlin & Varon, P.A. has extensive experience in federal and state criminal cases, along with years of federal prosecutor experience. We understand the intricate investigation strategies used by federal agencies to indict and prosecute those accused of white-collar crime.

Seek help early in your case from a skilled Jacksonville white-collar criminal defense attorney

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