Environmental Law Violations

Jacksonville Environmental Crimes Attorneys Provide An Intelligent Defense For Your Environmental Law Violations

Informed advocacy for those charged with environmental crimes

For many years, crimes against the environment did not carry the same weight, and were thus not prosecuted as aggressively, as other white-collar crimes. Today, however, there are strict environmental laws in place that punish those who fail to comply. If you’re charged with an environmental law violation in our state, you may face charges brought not only by the investigative bureau of theFlorida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), but also those of the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It’s in your best interest to seek legal help from a firm that understands environmental law and gives you the best possible chance of a good outcome in your case.

It is vital that you safeguard your rights.  Never speak to a government agent or police officer alone.  Always get a lawyer to protect yourself.  Don’t think that if you have nothing to hide you can convince a government agent or police officer you are innocent.

At Fallgatter Catlin & Varon, P.A., our white-collar criminal defense attorneys have extensive knowledge of both state and federal environmental laws and thus can provide you with a vigorous and intelligent defense for your environmental law violation. Environmental crimes are often complex and require specialized knowledge that not every law firm has or knows how to obtain.  We can call upon a special investigative unit to clarify the scientific aspects of the case against you should we need to.

Defending clients accused of a range of environmental law violations

Florida is a place of great natural beauty. It’s also a place in which population increases and increased development have played a huge role in changing the landscape of our state. So Florida’s environmental laws as well as those of the federal government have been enacted to safeguard our environment and ensure through enforcement that both individuals and companies comply with environmental regulations.
Compliance with state and federal environmental laws is essential for both environmental and public health. Violations are taken seriously and prosecuted vigorously. Those violations include harm to people, animals and the environment through a wide range of activities:

  • Illegal dumping of toxic waste or harmful chemicals
  • Fish and game violations
  • Improper storage of hazardous chemicals
  • Illegal runoff into streams, rivers, and seas
  • Violations of the federal Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act
  • Illegal wetlands development

The Florida DEP seeks to resolve violations quickly and efficiently. But it also promotes compliance with environmental laws through enforcement, as a means of deterring future violations.  If you’ve failed to get the proper environmental permits for a building site because you didn’t know you needed them, or unwittingly released materials you didn’t know were harmful into a body of water, our attorneys can help. We are able to navigate Florida’s complex environmental laws and help you keep your head above water.

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