Credit Card Fraud

Attorneys In Jacksonville Defend Floridians Charged With Credit Card Fraud

Vigorous defense for those accused of credit card deception

Credit cards are a staple of modern life, and most credit card transactions are perfectly legal and safe. If, however, you’re charged with credit card fraud—using someone else’s credit for your own financial gain—you face serious penalties, which may include a criminal record, substantial fines, and even incarceration under certain circumstances.  Your ability to pay your bills and support your family can also be seriously compromised. That’s why it’s important to seek experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel as soon as possible.

It is vital that you safeguard your rights.  Never speak to a federal agent alone.  Always get a lawyer to protect yourself.  Don’t think that if you have nothing to hide you can convince a federal agent you are innocent.  At Fallgatter Catlin & Varon, P.A., our white-collar crime attorneys have years of experience defending clients against credit card fraud charges. In addition to the penalties you face if convicted of such charges, you are branded by a social stigma thatstays with you for a long time. Whether you made charges on a card that you believed you had the right to use or found yourself in desperate financial straits and acted upon an opportunity that presented itself without considering the consequences, you need legal help. Our team works tirelessly on your behalf to reason with the judge and present your personal circumstances as passionately as possible. And if your case goes to trial, we’ll conduct a thorough investigation and pursue a winning strategy that the jury will find most convincing.

Strong representation for serious fraud charges

Under Florida Statute 817.61, credit card fraud is considered deception for monetary gain against both the owner of the card and the lending institution that issued the card. Accordingly, the state of Florida considers this type of fraud a serious offense, and prosecutors leave no stone un-turned in seeking convictions.

The penalties for conviction depend upon on the number of times a card is used fraudulently and the amount charged. If you use another’s card only once and charge $100 or less, you face first-degree misdemeanor charges; just two charges within six months or charges above $100 automatically result in a third-degree felony.

Whether your charge involves a card-present crime, one in which you physically use another person’s card to make purchases, or a card-not-present offense, in which you don’t possess someone else’s card but have access to the card number and have made transactions on that account, you face criminal penalties that can undermine your freedom and your future. Our experience handling white-collar crime defense provides you with the greatest number of options for a successful outcome in your case.

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