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What Are White Collar Crimes?

Many kinds of wrongdoing fall under the catch-all phrase “white collar crime.” While the phrase originally referred to non-violent theft-related crimes committed by business professionals such as accountants, corporate officers, lawyers or similarly-placed professionals with access to company accounts, “white collar crime” today means any non-violent theft by deception or fraud.   White collar crime includes bribery, perjury, trade secret theft, insider trading, computer fraud, money laundering, tax evasion and tax fraud, identity theft, credit card theft, securities fraud, Medicare and welfare fraud, telemarketing fraud and forgery, among others.  Florida has taken a keen interest in protecting victims, the elderly in particular, from white collar crime ― and has devoted an entire chapter of legislation to it, known as the White Collar Crime Victim Protection Act

If you find yourself a suspect in a white collar crime investigation, whether you have been approached by investigators or received a grand jury summons, speak with a Jacksonville white collar crime attorney to chart your next steps. It is crucial to have representation by tenacious defense counsel with the background and temperament necessary to successfully combat complex federal and state white collar crime accusations.

Federal investigations or state grand jury proceedings are often lengthy and complex. In the highly charged atmosphere that currently prevails concerning white collar criminal accusations the stakes are especially high and the penalties particularly harsh.  Early intervention by reputable, skilled attorney can make a tremendous difference to the outcome of your case. An attorney familiar with the state and federal courts and procedures can negotiate your case discretely and seek lesser charges or a dismissal.

Effective criminal defense requires deep experience criminal litigation as well as in-depth knowledge of the criminal codes. The highly experienced and well-regarded white collar defense firm of Fallgatter Catlin & Varon, P.A., P.A. has successfully handled hundreds of white collar crime cases. If you are faced with accusations of white collar crime, contact us today to discuss your legal concerns.