Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage Lawyer in Florida

Experienced support for Jacksonville personal injury settlements and disputes

Insurance coverage issues range from simple to complex and multi-faceted. While our firm primarily represents plaintiff clients who are insurance policyholders, Fallgatter Catlin & Varon, P.A. also represent clients in insurance defense cases.

Insurance coverage cases we handle

Examples of insurance coverage cases our firm handles include the following:

  • First-party claims — Claims involving lawsuits brought directly against insurance companies for denied payment of benefits
  • Third-party claims — Lawsuits against an insurance company for failure to defend in a lawsuit brought against the policyholder it insures or for failure to pay on a claim filed against the insured policyholder, including the following:
    • Commercial liability cases, such as disability, fire and directors/officers errors and omissions
    • Representation of clients such as builders and property owners in construction industry insurance claims
    • Homeowner’s claims — fire loss, water damage, mold, etc.
    • Uninsured and under-insured motorist claims
    • Insurance fraud, brought by civil and criminal actions (plaintiff action and defense representation)

Typically, insurance policies contain contract language that the average person and even seasoned businessmen and businesswomen cannot understand. Our firm assists clients with interpreting and analyzing insurance policies. We are called upon to resolve disputes and to offer legal advice when a client is entering into a policyholder contract. We also strive to protect the insured by helping them understand the coverage for which they have paid and the benefits to which they are entitled.

Due to the high number of auto insurance-related cases in the legal system, the State of Florida developed no-fault auto insurance to help motor vehicle accident victims in Jacksonville and elsewhere in Florida handle claims for personal injuries in an accurate and expeditious fashion. However even individuals who file claims against their own no-fault automobile insurance policies can experience issues when their carriers delay claims or deny them for invalid reasons. If you believe were treated unfairly by an insurance company, seek the support of an attorney who understands the nuances of insurance law. At Fallgatter & Catlin, P.A., we help level the playing field against powerful insurance company lawyers to seek the best possible results for any Jacksonville injury settlement.

For legal help regarding insurance coverage issues, please contact us online or call our firm at (904) 353-5800 to discuss your concerns. We offer an initial consultation at no cost or obligation, so you can see how we can assist you.


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