Failure to diagnose

Jacksonville Attorneys Take Your Case When You’re Injured Because Of A Physician’s Failure To Diagnose

Experienced Medical Malpractice Representation For Clients Failed By Their Doctors

Many diseases have a number of symptoms in common, so a physician’s ability to diagnose your condition is based on his or her years of clinical experience, training, and the process of performing tests that point to a specific disease while ruling out others. A good physician will make a diagnosis only after taking a full medical history and listening to you as well as examining you. Why, then, would a seemingly capable doctor fail to diagnose an illness you now know you have? When that failure has injured you or caused you to lose precious time being treated, resulting in your condition worsening, what are your options?

At Fallgatter Catlin & Varon, P.A., our Jacksonville attorneys know that not every medical error constitutes medical malpractice. But our extensive experience representing Floridians injured by the medical establishment gives us an edge in proving a physician’s negligence. If your doctor has failed to diagnose your disease and that failure harmed you, in any way, we can and will hold the negligent party or parties responsible. The fact that doctors, other medical personnel and hospitals are represented by impressive and often large legal teams doesn’t faze us. We call upon our own considerable resources, including leading medical experts, in determining whom to sue and for how much. When a doctor’s actions—or lack of action—causes you harm, we fight for you at settlement or at trial in pursuing the maximum possible compensation.

The Consequences Of Failing To Diagnose

Many medical malpractice lawsuits stem from diagnostic errors—whether the mistake comes from a physician’s failure to diagnose, making the wrong diagnosis, or delaying a diagnosis. And any of these mistakes carries the potential of causing serious harm to the patient by:

  • Failing to offer treatment at all
  • Prescribing the wrong treatment
  • Offering treatment too late to be effective

Your prognosis depends upon a correct diagnosis and only then can effective treatment follow. So if your doctor fails to diagnose your illness when a similarly trained doctor under the same circumstances would have diagnosed it, you have the right to file a malpractice claim. And depending upon your actual illness or disease, that failure can lead to devastating and sometimes life-threatening consequences:

  • Failing to diagnose diabetes can result in serious complications including heart disease, blindness, amputations, diabetic coma, and death.
  • Failing to diagnose the early stages of cancer can result in that cancer spreading and becoming terminal, often very quickly.
  • Failing to diagnose a blockage in your arteries can lead to strokes, heart attacks, and sudden death.

The doctor-patient relationship is one in which mutual trust and honesty must exist for the most beneficial outcome to occur. If your physician has failed to diagnose your condition because tests weren’t ordered or followed up, the tests were misread or improperly administered, or through any other action that can be considered negligent, we’re prepared to fight for you to recover damages. The earlier you enlist our help, the better your chance of receiving the compensation you and your family deserve.

Contact Us For Help With Your Medical Malpractice Claim

At Fallgatter Catlin & Varon, P.A., our Jacksonville personal injury attorneys have the skills, access to medical experts and experience to handle even the most complex medical malpractice cases, including those stemming from a physician’s failure to diagnose your illness. Contact us online or call our office today at (904) 353-5800 for a free consultation with one of our medical malpractice attorneys. There are no fees unless we succeed.*

  • In some cases, clients will be asked to pay the costs associated with providing services. These costs, which will be fully explained, never include fees for a lawyer’s time.

Medical malpractice takes various forms. The following represent some of the more common types of medical malpractice:


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