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Jacksonville Attorneys Represent Parents Whose Infants Have Been Injured By Defective Baby And Car Seats

Holding the designers, manufacturers, and resellers of defective products accountable

Parents’ primary responsibility is the welfare of their children, and this is especially true with infants, who completely depend upon their mothers and fathers to keep them safe. When you purchase a baby seat or a car seat for your little one, you have every right to expect that it will protect your child because these seats are supposed to be tested for safety under federal regulations. But what happens when your infant son or daughter is seriously injured by a baby seat in your car or your home? What legal options do you have to help with what may be substantial and ongoing medical costs for an injury that should not have happened?

Our experienced and knowledgeable Jacksonville attorneys with Fallgatter Catlin & Varon, P.A., can file a products liability suit on your behalf, to hold the party or parties responsible for your child’s injury accountable and therefore liable for damages. The manufacturers of many of the products parents buy for their children claim those products are safe when used as intended. But product recalls, especially those involving baby and car seats, prove otherwise. If your child has been injured by a defective car or baby seat, we thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding that injury to determine which parties are liable and how much to seek in compensation.

When safety standards aren’t enough

Child car seats must meet certain standards under the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213 (FMVSS 213). These standards are supposed to keep infants and young children safe during crashes by ensuring that the manufacturers and designers of car seats follow strict guidelines so that children are safely restrained in them. When those seats fail to protect children, whether in fender benders or high-impact crashes, children can be tossed around or ejected, suffering serious and even deadly injury.

Defective child car seats may fail in a number of ways, but many are found to provide inadequate protection for a child’s head during a crash, and in others, the seat’s carrier has separated from the base during an accident. In filing a products liability suit against a car seat manufacturer, we know that the company will defend its design and try to blame you, the parents, for not installing the seat properly. But we have both the experience and resources needed to thoroughly investigate your child’s injuries, determine what caused them, and then hold the manufacturer, designer, or seller liable for damages. We may also find that the car seat that led to your child’s injury was known by the manufacturer to be defective but wasn’t recalled at all or in a timely manner.

We also handle products liability cases involving baby seats used in the home. One particular seat, the Bumbo baby seat, has been recalled twice since 2007, affecting more than 4 million seats, because infants so easily fell out of them. Injuries resulting from a failure to warn about the seats being used on raised and uneven surfaces as well as those sustained before the manufacturer added a restraint belt to the product were as minor as cuts and bruises but also included 20 infants suffering skull fractures.

We’ve seen too many babies injured by seats that were supposed to keep them safe, in the home and in a car. If a child seat that you trusted, and had every reason to believe was safe, led to your child’s injury, don’t delay in seeking help from a trusted and knowledgeable legal team with extensive products liability experience.

The Jacksonville product liability lawyers at Fallgatter Catlin & Varon, P.A. have extensive experience protecting the rights of individuals injured by dangerous products such as:

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