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Jacksonville Good Samaritan Killed When She Stops to Help Disabled Car

Lyanne Marie Vera stopped on the Buckman Bridge one evening in December to help a friend whose car had broken down. She parked her Toyota Corolla on the paved shoulder and turned on her emergency flashers. But the driver of a Ford pickup did not see the two cars, and hit Vera’s car, pushing it into the Honda and killing her.

Police are not sure why the other driver was traveling on the shoulder, and charges are pending. Witnesses said that the truck driver suddenly veered off the road and struck Vera’s car. The Florida Highway Patrol said that accidents in the emergency lanes on the bridge are common, even though they are as wide as normal traffic lanes.

We recommend that you avoid parking in the shoulder if you can possibly avoid doing so. If your car can be driven, consider the possibility of not stopping until you are safely off the road and away from other cars, even if you have to replace a tire or rim. This is even more true if you find yourself in an area where accidents on the shoulders of the road are common.

If you have been the victim of an auto accident, you need an experienced attorney. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may need to file a civil suit to collect damages. If, however, the police cited you for a traffic violation as a result of an accident, you may need to hire a criminal defense lawyer to defend you. We can help you with both types of claims.