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Drug crimes carry serious consequences under both federal and Florida laws. If law enforcement investigates or indicts you on alleged drug charges, you need immediate representation by an experienced Jacksonville criminal law attorney to help protect your rights.

Because of the high volume of drug trafficking and drug offenses in the state, the Florida legislature and courts have bolstered enforcement and stiffened penalties for drug crimes. Even pleading to a minor drug charge can result in a criminal record, which makes it vital to seek vigorous representation by an experienced Jacksonville criminal law attorney as soon as possible.

Narcotics possession in Florida

Possession of narcotics can constitute a felony or a misdemeanor, depending on the quantity of the drug in possession and whether the defendant intended to distribute, manufacture or traffic drugs. Possession of the following amounts of narcotics can result in felony charges:

  • Marijuana — first degree misdemeanor for possession of more than 20 grams
  • Cocaine — felony for possession of more than 10 grams
  • Heroin — felony for possession of more than 10 grams
  • MDMA — felony for possession of more than 10 grams
  • LSD — felony for possession of more than one gram

As you might imagine, a one-gram or even a 10-gram quantity is exceedingly small.

Florida law levels second-degree felony charges if an alleged offender possesses a narcotic listed under the statutes with the intention of unlawful manufacturing, or distributes a narcotic knowing of the intent to use it unlawfully to manufacture the substance. Mishandling of these charges can result in sentences that include many years in prison.

At Fallgatter Catlin & Varon, P.A. in Jacksonville, our criminal law attorneys strive to defend the rights of our clients, raising all legitimate and effective defenses, and whenever possible, working with the prosecution to get charges dismissed.

Years of experience on the prosecution side of the criminal justice system have provided us with knowledge of approaches and alternatives to prison sentences, such as rehabilitation, which may work in favor of our clients. In addition, this experience taught us how to identify mistakes made by investigators and prosecutors, which can help us secure a victory for you.

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