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Burglary is a serious crime, classified as a first degree, second degree or third degree felony. The severity of burglary charges increases if the perpetrator carries a dangerous weapon or commits an assault or battery.

Although charges of theft crimes may seem relatively straightforward, the Florida Statutes on Theft, Robbery, and Related Crimes itemize the many details that can make a difference to the severity of the charges, including — but certainly not limited to — the following:

  • The value of the property stolen
  • The type of property involved
  • The age of the victim

Our criminal law firm in Jacksonville understands the nuances of the law, and we take a proactive approach in developing a defense. Whether you face robbery, burglary or any other theft charges, our experience with the prosecution side of these serious issues can make a vital difference to the results of your case.

How Florida law defines burglary

It is a fairly common misconception that you must break and enter to commit burglary, and while this may be true in some states, it is not the case in Florida. Initially, Florida law, defined burglary as entering or remaining in a dwelling, structure or conveyance with the intent to commit an offense (such as theft), provided that the premises were not public property and that the person entering was not invited or licensed to enter.

Florida laws regarding burglary changed in 2001. The law now includes circumstances in which someone asks an invited person to leave or the person becomes uninvited. The law includes circumstances when even if invited or licensed to be there, a person surreptitiously intended to commit, attempted to commit, or committed a felony within the premises.

The criminal defense lawyers at Fallgatter Catlin & Varon, P.A. provide vigorous defense with impressive results for clients accused of burglary. Our in-depth knowledge of and experience with both sides of the justice system often allows our criminal law attorneys in Jacksonville to succeed in having charges dropped before or after the prosecution files them. We strive to get charges dropped or obtain reduced charges, whenever possible, and we work diligently to obtain favorable outcomes on behalf of our clients.

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